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I’ve had a wide-ranging career, based in Communication and Education. I live with my wife and daughter in Belvidere, Illinois.

After graduating Rock Valley College with a Liberal Arts degree, I worked for The Rockford Register-Star as a Copy Assistant in the Sports Department. I’ve been a proofreader, writer and editor, most notably as the last full-time sports editor in Belvidere (at The Boone County Ink) newspaper in 2001). When that paper changed to an out-of-town ownership, I put word out to the public and found two backers - and so I co-founded Boone County Sports.com. I brought in Pete Knipschield, an old friend whom I worked with before at the nationally-known ProGraphics in Rockford, and we developed what was a web site ahead of its time. After 2 years (in 2003) I sold my interest in the web site. Pete is a humble down-to-earth guy and won't bring it up, but I will: he is mentioned BY NAME in the credits of Michael Jordan's book FOR LOVE OF THE GAME. And guess what? Pete is back as a member of the team on this web site.

I began working on the Internet in 1995 by producing cyber celebrity and expert chat events; all were on AOL in the Centerstage area and were mentioned in USA TODAY. 

For the past 11 years I’ve been a proud employee with Belvidere’s schools (CUSD 100). In between, I’ve stayed busy writing, publishing here and there in Chicago, San Francisco, Ireland, Canada and elsewhere. I volunteer from time to time, and am a volunteer for the non-profit football team known as The Rockton Rush (http://www.roscoerushfootball.com) and was inducted into the Rush Hall of Fame as its first non-player member for my work as a writer, photographer and videographer. In 2008 I hosted the Rush Coaches’ Show which was broadcast on Comcast TV.

I played competitive sports from sixth grade up through senior year in high school, playing Football, Basketball and Track. I won silver medals in the discus and shot put at The 2000 Prairie State Games.

My hobbies include music, reading (I'm into Hemingway, etc.), old Farmall tractors, old warbird planes, and movies. I'll probably make a list about my favorite sports movies here soon. Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone actually tweeted (on Twitter) back to me once, and movie director Cameron Crowe answered a Q&A question - it's still on his web site. The Internet is a good thing, if it's used for good things. And definitely, in an age of big business sports, I think high school Football is one of those things. I love a Friday night under the lights.


Football has special meaning to me. It’s an intense game – in the pros, one game equals 10 baseball games. That’s why every game counts. I was lucky enough that my Dad shared the love of Football to me and my older brother.  Growing up, we played it – and watched it together. My Dad passed away in January, 2013 but I’m sure that from now on at every start of a new season or a kick-off, I’ll think of him.


I wanted to thank all of the readers of the web site and hope to give you a great internet experience that you deserve as we cheer on The Bucs. Also, to all of the sponsors, thank you. I firmly believe the best is yet to come!


While the focus of the site is on following Belvidere football's varsity and sophomore teams, I will write a weekly in-season column titled "Opinion" about the world of sports as I see it. I wrote one before and it was a lot of fun to do.


Sometimes while watching a game on TV after a touchdown you’ll see a player pointing to the sky in a move of thanks. What am I most grateful for? As for me, I thank God for all that He has given me, including the gift of eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ. 


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